Feb. 4, 2015

Happy Wednesday, Friends and Neighbors!

As this blog is called AuthorDeanne, it occurred to me that I ought to put up something that looked author-y... so here ya go...


I love photographs.  The real ones, the kind you put in albums and then look at once every twenty years.  Of course, now that we’re in the digital age, everyone takes millions of pictures with their phones but you never actually get to SEE them.  You can’t ask for an extra copy of one you especially like because there aren’t any copies at all. 

I took the little card thingy out of my camera today and went to Target to get pictures made.  This is so cool, you stick your card in a machine in their photo department, all your pictures come to life and you can pick one or two or twenty of each one.  They end up costing about twenty cents apiece and you can put them in frames and albums and send them to the rest of the family and, in short, have a glorious time with photographs. 

Not long ago I realized that all the photo albums that we started making at the beginning of our life together had pretty much fallen apart.  This was really awful as we had hundreds of photos of our children from their very young ages on to the present and these pictures are priceless.  Let’s face it, nobody is going to be four or five years old again any time soon.  So, another trip to Target and I came home with some gorgeous albums that each hold three hundred photos.  Gathering up the tatters of the old albums, I sat down with one or two at a time, pried all the pictures off that sticky backing that held them in place and started inserting them into the new albums.  John and I had the best time looking at all the landmark events of our lives, so many birthdays, Christmas trees, Thanksgiving dinners, picnics at the park, swimming parties.  There are pictures of dear friends and family members who have gone on to heaven now, but seeing their laughing, smiling faces, and connecting the memories is wonderful.

There are pictures on the wall in front of me now of John and me, taken by our daughter, Crissy, when we were opening gifts.  There are pictures of Emily and Jessie, almost two years ago when Jessie had no front teeth.  There’s another of John, me, Emily and Jessie at P F Chang’s in Texas when we had just arrived for a visit.  There’s one of Emily wearing her Frozen shirt which had just arrived in the mail.  There’s another of Emily holding up the framed poster for my musical, “Gallery,” which we were about to hang in her mommy’s office.  Across the room are all of the latest school pictures and in the next room, a whole wall of photographs.

The digital age and the selfie may be the latest thing in photography, but I want to have the albums to look through and the memories to savor and enjoy. 

My Texas girls, Emily, who is 4, Jessie, who is 7, and their mommy, my daughter, Crissy, who is pefect.