Feb. 8, 2015

Glasses! Most of us are wearing them...

Saw a picture of 7 year old Texas Jessie this morning on FB from a couple of years ago when she first got her glasses, which opened up a whole new world for her... Look at that happy smile!


February 8, 2013


Jessie’s new glasses came yesterday!

And now, for herSELF, she can see,

If that’s a lion, a lemon, a squirrel or a sloth,

Perched on the branch of the tree,

“Right in front of me!”


It’s a brand new world out there today,

For our five year old girl with far-sight.

Filled with wonderful things,

Fabulous things, beautiful things,

And people’s faces, all right up close!


Her frames are so pink, her smile is so bright.

Hyeropia, banished forever!

It’s nice to see down to the end of the block,

To see the mile away bird on a rock!

But not so much if you can’t see the clock!