Feb. 12, 2015

Teamwork! Or How We Put Together a TV Cabinet and Lived To Tell About It!

Teamwork!  It goes really well when the task isn’t too difficult, all parties involved are in a good mood, it looks like it will be fairly easy and the end result is something all parties are excited about achieving.  For instance:  A year or so ago, my Texas granddaughter, Emily, wanted more than anything to eat a strawberry flavored Go-Gurt yogurt.  In case you didn’t know, Go-Gurt prides itself in being, “The first yogurt in a tube that kids could have fun slurping up.”  This is a great concept, unless you’re three and your little fingers can’t squeeze the tube hard enough to get the yogurt into your mouth.

Hence, Emily appearing at my side, Go-Gurt in hand, and asking, “Grandma, can you help me?”  Of course I could, and the concept of teamwork was born for Emily.  Her part was to open her mouth and swallow and my part was to squeeze the yogurt into her mouth.  After she had enjoyed every last bit of the Go-Gurt, I said, “There, Emily, we had teamwork!”  She grasped the concept immediately and we heard about teamwork for quite a while afterwards.  This wasn’t difficult, all parties involved were in a really good mood and success was achieved.

In every family’s life, the moment arrives when their TV dies.  In our case, it was a console TV in the room off our front room which Emily’s mommy, Crissy, referred to as, “the first TV ever made!”  OK, she was right, but it was a nice looking piece of furniture, you could get most channels, and I could put a lamp and a plant on top of it and the dancing reindeer at Christmas time, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. 

I turned it on one day to drink my coffee and watch Kelly & Michael “Live!”  There they were, laughing at something but I was never to know what as there was no sound.  After turning it on and off, etc., John and I looked at each other and said, “well, we knew it would happen.”  Happily, we were already on the fast track to a new flat screen in there and John had been to Costco and found the TV cabinet of his dreams, which we bought, unassembled.  Yes, unassembled. Well, he’s an engineer and I take direction fairly well so how hard could it be?  Those of you who have traveled this road are already laughing.  We took special time for prayer that we would be able to get through job this while BEING PLEASANT and also that neither of us would be wounded.

Carefully carrying pieces A and B into our bedroom where this cabinet was to live, John opened the large envelope of directions.  The book is 15 pages long and most probably written by someone who had never assembled one of these babies in their life.  Teamwork! We spent the greater part of one full day on this and the doors that go on the front (Parts M and N) have been set aside for another day.  I am proud to report that I only have a cut on one knee and a bruise on the other one.  Best of all, we were PLEASANT all day.   Even though there was a lot of trial and error.  The new TV is in place on its beautiful new cabinet.  The old console TV has gone to perpetual rest at an E-Waste facility, the former bedroom TV and its cabinet are in the front room and we are alive and well to tell about it.  We have agreed that we will, indeed, do the doors…soon.  Teamwork is one of those concepts God is fairly fond of, too.  He gave us His Son, His Word, His salvation, and our part is to tell others who haven’t heard the Good News and to live like we are “the light of the world, a city on a hill that can’t be hidden.”  Oh yes, and to BE PLEASANT!