Feb. 21, 2015

The Daddy-Daughter Dance

In the continuing adventures of the Texas girls, Jessie, who is 7, and her Daddy who is somewhat older, had a wonderful time at the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

Miss Jessie and her Daddy had a big night out last night.

Wally Watkins Elementary School,

Where Miss Jessie’s in First Grade,


Was totally redone, redecorated, transformed,

Into a magical place, where memories were made.


Miss Jessie and her Daddy were dressed up to the nines,

Her hair was elegantly up and he,

Could not have looked more handsome.

The smiles on both their faces,

Were happy and sweet…and then some!


Miss Jessie and her Daddy enjoyed all the refreshments,

Hawaiian punch and cookies,

Chocolate chip and Oreos,

Have another two or three,

“No, no thank you Jessie, that’s enough for me!”


Miss Jessie and her Daddy talked and laughed till almost eight.

No, they didn’t dance a single dance,

Not a foxtrot or a waltz.

They didn’t stand in the picture line,

Which suited them just fine.


Miss Jessie and her Daddy, made memories last night.

She looked so lovely and he looked just grand,

Nothing they did was thought out or planned,

An evening together, dressed up, that’s all,

But Miss Jessie, Cinderella, and her Daddy, the Prince,

Loved every minute last night at the Wally Watkins Elementary ball.