Feb. 25, 2015

Small Pleasures

    “Small pleasures, small pleasures, who would deny us these…”

If you’re familiar with the musical, “Oliver!” (music and lyrics by Lionel Bart, based on the Charles Dickens story) you’ll remember that “Small Pleasures” is sung by Nancy, a lady of the London street, who befriends Fagin, the Artful Dodger and, of course, little Oliver.  Nancy, a lovely person with a big heart, a great red dress and one of the best songs in the show, loves a really horrible guy, Bill Sykes, who is a violent thug.  The song goes on with “gin toddies, large measures, no skimpin’ if you please…” which doesn’t really fit with the small pleasures I’m talking about.  But, hey, it’s a great musical and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

It was running through my mind this morning as John and I walked around town, getting our heart rate up and the blood flowing. The flowering plums or cherries or whatever they are, are blooming with abandon and after the rain yesterday, everybody’s yard is clean, green, and lovely.  Ours is, too, with the purple flowering potato trees at our front gate doing their best to grow together and totally block the path.  Hawthorne is blooming and here’s a bragging photo of our volunteer tomatoes, which appeared all by themselves.  I even gave them some tomato food as a reward.  The coffee grounds I’ve been hoarding are all out on the azaleas and some weeds even got pulled.

OK, here comes the small pleasures part.  The sun is shining, it’s warm and peaceful and I  cut back six of our roses without stabbing myself once.  I finally pruned off the outrageously tall succulents from the pots on our porch and created a new garden in the last one that needed planting.  The first of the citrus feedings happened today in this nice wet ground and two magnificent butterflies played tag right by me while I cut back the spent daffodils.  The spot on the carpet I’ve been walking past for weeks finally got cleaned today.  The baby gift that needed wrapping for the shower this coming Saturday isn’t sitting on the kitchen floor in a Carter’s bag anymore and the package I sent to my Texas girls, containing a purple unicorn for Emily and a Frozen pop-up game for Jessie arrived today, just in time, as they were having their second snow day and the mommy was one knot away from the end of her rope.  See?  Small pleasures!

Hope you come across a few small pleasures this week, that a butterfly dances over your head and you find some daffodils you had forgotten you had planted.  

“The heavens are telling the glory of God; they are a marvelous display of his craftsmanship.” Ps. 19:1  The flowers tell it, too, don't they!