Aug. 28, 2015

The Joys of Having Less...Part 2...

“The biggest difference between summer and winter colds is how we respond to them. In the winter, we’re naturally more accepting of staying under the covers and eating chicken soup. That’s easier said than done in the summer months when Little League games, pool parties and backyard barbeques are in full swing.”

Not to mention weddings and other good things. What does one do when one is laid low with a summer cold? Same old stuff, drink plenty of fluids (that probably doesn’t mean a really nice Chardonnay), wash your hands a lot, don’t shake hands if you can help it and use a hand sanitizer if you do. Eat lightly – that’s easy, nothing tastes good anyway. Get lots of rest. Fat chance of that! Have you ever noticed that whenever you come down with a cold your entire calendar is stuffed with stuff you can’t get out of?  Next is how to treat your rotten summer cold: I highly recommend complaining a lot about how crummy you feel. DayQuil will get you through all the stuff you have to do and NyQuil helps you sleep. A day spent in bed with a marathon of Devious Maids or The Walking Dead helps, too, as you drink gallons of water. The common summer cold has me in its clutches. But I’m sure I’ll quit coughing and sneezing soon. Avoid this if possible.

While recovering, I’m  revisiting The Joys of Having Less. We chatted about this a few weeks ago and I stated that my intention was to give my bread machine to the fine folks at Salvation Army so somebody else could clutter up their counter with it. I got so much response to that, all along the lines of , “Don’t Do It!” that I decided I’d make another loaf of bread with it, just to see whether it was good enough to continue living in our kitchen. Cinnamon Raisin bread...except I forgot the raisins. That was so incredible we had to take ourselves in hand and Step Away From The Bread! Next I tried whole wheat and that was even better. Seriously, why haven’t I been using this thing? A good friend sent us some Tupelo Honey and I made my next loaf with that. Something went wrong somewhere along the way, though, as one minute it was looking and smelling fabulous and the next minute the top had fallen in and bread dough was oozing over the sides and burning. Ack! Clean up on bread aisle!! What didn’t burn was so good it should have been illegal! Today I tried a different recipe, again with the Tupelo Honey, and it was fabulous. Golden brown, crusty outside. Off it went to the friend in South Carolina.

So where are we with The Joys of Having Less? We’re starting with books and passing them along to others. A few at a time are going here and there and we’re feeling pretty good about it.

“For where your treasure is, there will  your heart be also.” Mt. 6:21

Remember the wedding I mentioned at the beginning? It was last Sunday and we will tell anybody who will listen that our treasure is our family. That’s where our hearts are. Not in our stuff. The groom is one of our family members and his bride is part of our family now. They met when they were both 15, in rehab to recover from substance addiction. They are now 20 and so ready to pledge their love to each other for all the years, until death parts them. We are so proud of them. She is in college to become a counselor and he has a very responsible job. The family and friends who surrounded them all consider them to be “treasure.” Sunflowers were everywhere, centerpieces, tall ones in vases, the bride’s bouquet. Sunflowers shout “hope” to me. There were toasts from those who have walked the sobriety path with them. Sparkling Apple Cider, more delicious than Dom Perignon at this particular moment in time. The joy, pride and happiness that filled the room was beyond wonderful. They each said, “Today I am marrying my best friend.” God has brought them through some very hard places and He was so very much a part of this wedding.

“When the world says Give Up, Hope whispers...Try it one more time.”