Oct. 16, 2015

May There Always Be Sunshine!

“May There Always Be Sunshine!”

You may not have heard of this marvelous book. Well, actually, I’m almost positive you haven’t heard of it, unless you were part of Mrs. Collins’ Pre-K class at R. F. Hartman School in Wylie, Texas in 2012-13. Our Texas girl, Jessie, was part of this class, one of the authors of the book.

May There Always Be Sunshine has a permanent place on our coffee table, on top of The Encyclopedia of Impressionism Art; The Last Romantics, Tradition in British Art; A Day in the Country, Impressionism in the French Landscape; French Regional Cooking; and, last but not least, Van Gogh Face to Face, The Self Portraits. When I say this is weighty stuff I really mean it. All these must weigh twenty pounds if they weigh an ounce. You probably can gather that I  like Impressionist Art.

But my hands-down favorite is May There Always Be Sunshine. Each child in Mrs. Collins’ Pre-K class has their own page in the book with art they created to go with what they had to say:

“May there always be hearts.” By Melissa

“May there always be Halloween.” By Lilly

“May there always be angels watching over me.” By Janell

“May there always be family.” By Madilyn

“May there always be stars.” By S... (printing not so great yet)

“May there always be holidays.” By Jasmine

“May there always be me climbing on the playground.” By Jessie

“May there always be grapes.” By Jennifer

“May there always be my mom.” By Nikayla

“May there always be Christmas.” By Madi...(again, printing not so great,but the accompanying Christmas tree, happy purple girl, present and bright yellow star are better art than all the Impressionists.)

“May there always be blue skies.” By Libby (maybe)

“May there always be knights.” By Ian

“May there always be Barbie.” By Kalin

“May there always be Power Rangers.” By Kobe

“May there always be rainbows.” By Eldana

“May there always be Batman.” By Dhruu

“May there always be friends.” By Morgan

“May there always be ice cream with my mom.” By Rebecca

“May there always be flowers.” By Abigail

“May there always be Superman!” By Carlvaun

I don’t know about you, but I feel tremendously encouraged every time I look through this book and see what these little people, who were only about four at the time, wanted to be sure never left the planet. Their art is colorful and full of hope, smiling people and happiness. The picture is our Jessie, holding her book. Each child got to go onstage during assembly and read his or her part.

The news reached me just yesterday that a dear friend very suddenly went to be with Jesus. Barbara Keller, who owned, edited and produced The Baja Review, a small newspaper serving Ensenada and Rosarito Beach in Mexico, and used at least one or two pieces of mine every month in her paper, had a medical procedure, seemed to be fine, then went to sleep Wednesday night at the hospital and woke up in heaven. I weep again at the loss of this friend we have known for over forty years, who first heard the Good News of Jesus Christ from us, and became a glowing Christian, filled with love of God and a desire to please Him in all she did. We emailed our adventures constantly. She was funny, extremely bright and always looking for something new to turn her hand to. She loved her newspaper and I will miss writing for her. “500 words and not one more!” was her rule.

I think of what my long-time pastor, Earl Lee, said, “Keep short accounts!” and “Your keys, please,” signifying life would be over pretty much before we knew it, and short accounts meant no apology left unmade, no forgiveness left ungiven, for the moment will inevitably come when God will say to each of us, “Your keys, please,” and we will surrender our life. Barbara’s was filled with good things she did for others and now she is where there will always be sunshine.

“May God bless you and keep you, and may He make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you.” Numbers 6:24