Jan. 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

“And now we welcome the new year,

full of things that have never been.”

Rainer Maria Rilke, poet

And here it is, the first blank page of 2016. Thinking of a few things that happened in 2015 that were so joyful that it can’t hurt to reflect on them again...

Brady Benjamin Davis was born on my birthday.

My dear friend, Darrell, has lived to see 2016, something we weren’t sure would happen.

My grandson, Chad, married his sweetheart, Hayley.

I started writing this blog, which has given me so much joy.

We attended granddaughter, Ashley’s, graduation from Chico State as an R.N and now she has the job she wanted, working at St. Joseph’s in Orange County as a Labor/Delivery Nurse.

Three wonderful trips to Texas to celebrate birthdays and Thanksgiving

with Chris, Crissy, Jessie and Emily.

John and I have been married 48 years.

In between landmark events there were so many fun lunches, visits with friends and family, and laughter... always laughter.

In the year to come? Well, here’s what fellow blogger, Michelle Griep, suggested:

“It’s a new year. Be awesome. Wear a helmet. Don’t forget to call your mom. Or your therapist. Whatever. Be real.”

To that I would like to add: floss your teeth, write thank you letters for anything someone gives you, or for something nice someone does. Read your Bible. Yeah, I know, you’ve already read it, but it’s not The Hunger Games, friends, it’s God’s letter to us, telling us He loves us. Look around you. Notice stuff. Like flowers and trees and butterflies and bees. And people. Buy a tomato plant at OSH or Home Depot and put it in a pot in a sunny spot and water it once in a while and you’ll be so excited when a tomato appears. Say nice things to people. Smile. Hug.

Eat healthier. Walk more. Look at sunrises and sunsets and what other people are doing in their yard. Be silly once in a while. This is me being silly behind my amazingly tall Simon grandchildren.

Find a cause to believe in. I believe in the Union Rescue Mission, Children International where I share in the support of the cutest little eight year old girl in the Philippines, Ezekiella Crishay Palma, who is in second grade and sends me letters telling me about her life. I believe in Food for the Poor where a huge sack of rice is only $12.00. I believe in St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. And these things bring me such joy. But the best one of all is Smile Train, where $250 can fix a horribly disfigured little child, born with a cleft palate, doomed to a life of pain and rejection.

Learn to do something new. Last year I learned about the joy of growing succulents. And how much fun it is to send board books to toddlers. My book club now embraces four little boys and my two Texas girls, who aren’t toddlers but love new books. Read. Read a lot. Yes, you have time.

Our house is officially 100 years old this year. Thankfully, we are not! 2016 will be a spectacular year. I just know it! Go on, say it out loud: This will be the best year ever!