Mar. 4, 2017

Another Daddy Daughter Dance...

 “Dance like nobody’s watching,

Love like you’ve never been hurt,

Sing like nobody’s listening,

Live like it’s heaven on earth.

Now I ask you, don't these people look like they're having the best time ever? Aren't these the best horrible faces ever? Isn't this Daddy the most patient guy ever? Our Texas daughter, Crissy, sent us pictures of the Daddy Daughter Dance, most of which featured little girls racing 'round so fast the camera could hardly capture them, and a bunch of Dads standing with their hands in their pockets, desultorily discussing sports and waiting for this to end. BUT, Good Sports all, they were there, and these little girls will never forget going to the Daddy Daughter Dances. Crissy, the only one of our girls who went to a high school where dances happened, will never forget being dressed to the nines, usually with a hat, and going with her handsome Dad. Of course, there was the year when he was on a business trip and her big brother, John, took her. He was, and is, devastatingly handsome and her reputation was greatly enhanced as all the little high school girls swooned over her brother.

The Misses Emily and Jessie had a big night out last week.

Wally W. Watkins Elementary School, The pride of Wylie, Texas,

Where the Misses E and J, are the stars of first and third grade,

Was totally redone, redecorated, transformed,

Into a magical place, where memories were made.


The Misses E and J and their Daddy

Were dressed up to the nines,

They both were fluffed and buffed, and he,

Could not have looked more handsome.

The smiles on all their faces,

Were happy and sweet…and then some!


The Misses E & J and their Daddy enjoyed all the refreshments,

Hawaiian punch and cookies,

Chocolate chip and Oreos,

Have another two or three,

“No, no thank you, girls, that’s quite enough for me!”


Miss Emily spent the evening racing ‘round with friends,

While Miss Jessie and her Daddy talked and laughed till almost eight.

No, they didn’t dance a single dance,

Not a foxtrot or a waltz.

But they finally got into the photo booth,

Which you can see was quite a blast!


The Misses E and J and their Daddy, made memories last week.

They looked so lovely and he looked just grand,

Nothing they did was thought out or planned,

An evening together, dressed up, that’s all,

But the Misses Emily and Jessie, and their Daddy, who is their Prince,

Loved every single minute at the Wally W. Watkins Elementary ball.

"Memories...the sweetest things we carry through life."